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Operation Detachment: D-2 (Battle of Iwo Jima)

Event details

Background Information

The invasion of Iwo Jima was one of the last major raids on Japanese held territory during World War II. This was the final step for procuring the deployment of the A-Bomb, or potentially the final step for the beginning phase of Operation Downfall. The goal of taking this island was to strip the Japanese of their morale, and the critical airfields that lay on the island. It was a short, but grueling engagement from the start. The Japanese had tunnels, gun emplacements and traps all over the island: all were well hidden. This is a tough operation, so expect to die a lot, but it's all in the nature of fun and experiencing this amazing map and operation.

Additional Mods

You will be required to use our 101st Airborne preset and the Iwo Jima map mod.

Additional Information

Since we're operation as Marines in 1945, we will have access to an array of weapons, and the layout is quite simple and allows for fluid changes between the teams. Each squad will have their own Landing Vehicle Track (LVTA) for deployment from the Landing Vehicle Tank (LST). 


ORBAT Will Be Posted Two Days Prior to the Operation

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