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  1. After looking at the facts, I have decided that I am going to change my vote from No to Yes.
  2. Give names to key enemy assets such as generals and officers and place them in game with the ability to capture or kill. Make enemy have emotion if a officer is captured they will retaliate and we would have a defence op or something. Maybe even a operation that is meant to go south due to overwhelming numbers which requires us to flee with limited supplies and Medical and get to a rendezvous point with friendly forces. Also an operation which requires stealth and/or recon to gather intelligence.
  3. There is a battle of Berlin map how about we do a mission During night time where we jump into Berlin to secure it from behind enemy lines and sabotage the Germans as much as possible to allow the Americans to gain a swift victory. The reason why the Russians have not captured Berlin is due to the failure of planning delaying them from reaching Berlin. Basically Americans winning the race to Berlin.
  4. Application View Application Status Thomas Miller Submitted 08/02/2020 02:42 PM Name Thomas Miller Email 123jujuvape@gmail.com Timezone America/Toronto Country Canada Additional Application Fields Steam64 ID 76561198212085640 Discord Name & Number Vladiator#2853 Date of Birth 25/03/2003 Do you have a legal copy of ArmA III? Yes Do you have a working microphone? Yes Preferred Military Occupational Specialty 776 Radio Operator How did you find the 101st Airborne Division? Randazzo Do you understand this is a realism unit? Yes Are you able to attend the event times? Yes Have you read the Unit Regulations? Yes
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