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    25 April 2021

    Background Information
    Operation Husky was one of the first stepping stones in the beginning of the final conflict in World War II: the first jump into Europe. The British and the American task force dropped and navally invaded jointly in 1943 to capture the island for a further step into the soft underbelly of Europe: Italy. The 82nd Airborne Division, the unit we will be portraying: dropped behind enemy lines and disabled coastal forts and guns that would have hampered the landing, and assisted in capturing multiple strategic locations such as the towns and supply chains a long the coast. 
    Additional Mods
    You will NOT need any additional mods for this event.
    Additional Information
    Please contact your Squad Leader about the equipment, submachine gunners will carry the M1928 Thompson and mainly utilize the M1 Garand for Rifleman: but for the most part, 1942AB gear will be utilized.

    Event details

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