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    26 September 2021

    This event repeats every week on Sunday for 4 occurrences

    Background Information
    Operation Market Garden is the aerial and land incursion of the Netherlands by British and American forces. Following the advances through Normandy after the breakout in Operation Cobra, Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery and Minister Winston Churchill have advocated an aggressive push north to secure a salient across the river Rhine. This effort would break the stalemate across Northern France a long the river, and hopefully end the war by Christmas.
    Operation Market Garden consists of two operations:
    Market: is the aerial and gliderborne insertion of assets to secure bridges ahead of ground forces
    Garden: is the advance of armored and infantry forces to establish a salient across the river Rhine and relieve airborne forces.
    Additional Mods
    You will need the following mods a long with our main modlist.

    MBG Celle 2
    MBG Buildings 3
    Additional Information
    This is a deployment operation, be sure to contact your squad leader about awards.

    Event details

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