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    04 November 2021

    This event repeats every week on Thursday forever

    Background Information & Prerequisites
    Squad Training is a mandatory event focused on improving the basic skills of Infantry within the unit, as a rifle squad this comes down to individual techniques, tactics and teamwork. Squad Trainings range from basic drills to mini-operations testing the skill of their team. Please make sure to contact your Squad Leader if you are unable to make it with a valid pass. Only members of this Squad may join the event, unless a Squad Leader would like to make a specific exception. Please make sure to ask prior to joining if you wish to attend to avoid conflict.
    Before joining, please ensure you read the Unit Regulations, Paratrooper Handbook and that you understand the entry guidelines listed in the #information-hco channel.
    Additional Information
    Please contact your Squad Leader if you are unable to attend. You can find the roll call for this event in #squad-roll-call

    Event details

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