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Operation Torch

Event details

Background Information

Operation Torch was the first airborne and naval invasion conducted by the United States of America with the United Kingdom in a joint effort to retake French North Africa, and spearhead Libya. French Forces of the colonies have aligned themselves with Vichy France, a shattered French government being the puppet of the German Reich. General Dwight D. Eisenhower organized three amphibious task forces and one airlanding force to land in French Morroco and French Algiers. The unit we will be playing as, the 82nd Airborne, 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment was tasked to land in Oran and capture two strategic airstrips.

Additional Mods

You will need the Anizay map for this event, and the regular modpack.

Additional Information

Please make sure to contact your squad leader on any extra equipment you may able to bring/switch out. Due to the late-war nature of the drop, M1919A6s and M1A1 Bazookas will be in abundance.

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