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Initial Training Course - 5:00 PM EST

This event repeats every week on Monday, Friday and Saturday forever

Event details

Background Information & Prerequisites

Initial Training Courses consist of the following sessions:

1. Basic Combat Training - Phase I

2. Basic Combat Training - Phase II

3. Individual Technical Parachute Training - Phase III

Any "Initial Training Courses" listed as an event is to be treated as one of these phases. Each one of these events is required to complete training and be assigned to an active duty slot within How Company or the Squadron. Trainings sessions are conducted at independent times ranging from 5:00 PM EST to 7:30 PM EST as their starting time.

 You must complete these in order, all training times are posted here and in our #roll-call-tradoc channel on discord: that is where you can submit roll call and get a better description of the event held there, as well as the Class Calendar for that period.

Before joining, please ensure you read the Unit Regulations, Paratrooper Handbook and that you understand the entry guidelines listed in the #information-tradoc channel.

Additional Information

Please contact a Drill Instructor for any one-on-one trainings if you are unable to make these trainings.

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