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    This page is dedicated to those that served with the community and assisted us in creating and maintaining the culture, appreciation
    and continual growth that this community experiences on a day by day basis. These individuals have done a great deal in opening the 
    path to the current stage the community now stands on, gentleman - the following individuals are giants in our history. Please recognize
    them and treat them, and their contributions with respect. Thank you, and I hope you all appreciate this message.


    The paratrooper core values are emulated through these fine individuals.





    During a tumultuous time in 2020, a group of friends came together under one banner to achieve greatness. With the goal of creating and sustaining a historically-authentic realism community, the founders of this unit: C. Henderson and E. Dusty went forth under great struggle to accomplish it. Following the immense struggle of creating a community base and establishing the culture that comes with it, the core members T. Huot, J. Randazzo, T. Miller, J. Lengfelder and J. Teeter made immense strides in pushing the unit into the public eye: rapidly expanding and improving the experience of all members involved. As was the original intent, the 101st Airborne Division became what it was emulating to be: a historically-authentic, World War II airborne experience. After many years of prior experience in other mil-sim and realism units, this core team would move forward putting themselves to hard work, further expanding the foundation and meaning of the 101st Airborne Division.

    In the 101st Airborne Division, we recognize those that brought us where we are today, so here is our toast to them - before we dive into our own history further it's best to understand the individuals who participated and made the community what it is today. Here are these core members made that impacted this unit positively beyond any doubt:

    Thomas Miller - Rifleman, Flight Officer, Assistant Squad Leader and Company Medical Sergeant

    Thomas Miller enlisted on August 2nd, 2020 - recruited by James Randazzo in the early days of the unit. Thomas Miller did not intend on participating in the great works he does today. At the time, he was simply perusing, interest in a unit to fulfill his desires of a realistic experience. He saw what he wanted, and not long after - dove right in. Thomas Miller has been a repeated member of great help, someone for other members to seek counsel with, and has made a great positive impact on this unit. A few of his accomplishments can be recognized below:

    • Achieved his goal of becoming a Staff Sergeant, and becoming the Medical Sergeant of How Company.
    • Further developed S-4 Logistics under the guidance of Jacob Lengfelder and Charles Henderson - bringing it to a new stage of professionalism.
    • Incorporated the units operations with a monthly newsletter, bringing a wave of freshness to the media department.
    • Receiving the Soldiers Medal for his dedication to the unit, and diligence in his craft.
    • Took part in many staff shops, his most recent endeavor being recruiting & retention as a recruiter: bringing in many new members and being their first helping hand.


    Thomas Huot - Rifleman, Squad Leader and Surgeon Aidman

    Thomas Huot enlisted on July 8th, 2020 - recruited by Charles Henderson right when the unit started. Thomas Huot had been a long standing member of previous units involving E. Dusty and C. Henderson's endeavors, such as: the 75th Rangers (Cold War) and the 82nd Airborne Division. His dedication to his friends and community has brought this unit to where it is now, always a helping hand and a positive light for everyone involved in the unit. He has achieved many things, such as:

    • Became a Squad Leader when it was needed, and served dutifully until his resignation.
    • Earning the first Soldiers Medal this unit has bestowed upon any paratrooper. 
    • Became the first Senior Recruiter and helped expand the capability and efficiency of the S-1 department.
    • Being one of the longest standing members with a one-hundred percent attendance rate for his first year of service.
    • Achieved the duty position of Surgeon Aidman after many days of hard work and research under Thomas Millers guidance.



    James Randazzo - Rifleman, Aidman, Squad Leader, and Platoon Sergeant

    James Randazzo enlisted on July 8th, 2020 - recruited by Charles Henderson right when the unit started. James Randazzo was introduced to Charles Henderson by Jacob Lengfelder, during their exploits in another sector of the realism community of ArmA III. Their friendship grew and eventually James Randazzo found himself under the 101st Airborne Division: committed to its growth and continuously hammering away, day by day, to continuously achieve the goal this unit was set to achieve. He is the model of the Paratrooper, in all of his endeavors. He also serves his community through medical services and firefighting - taking his lessons from both worlds and teaching his fellow paratroopers. Here are some of his many achievements:

    • Became the first Aidman of the unit, swearing in under the first Hippocratic oath.
    • Became the first Squad Leader of the unit, leading Second Squad under the guidance of Charles Henderson and the support of James Teeter.
    • Assisting in many trainings and conducting them under S-3 Force Improvement, doing his diligence in finding every detail we can improve - and showing new ones the way.
    • Becoming the first Platoon Sergeant, emulating the Paratrooper not only in-game, but out of game: the values and positive spirit inspiring others.


    Jacob Lengfelder - Platoon Guide and Assistant Platoon Commander

    Jacob Lengfelder enlisted on August 4th, 2020 - recruited by Charles Henderson right when the unit started. Jacob Lengfelder, from the onset of him joining - became a ferverant believer in maintaining the realism and historical-authenticity of the unit: spending many hours researching and improving all aspects of the unit. Spanning from the organization of the combat unit, to becoming the staff shop officer - he has a long list of achievements:

    • Became the first and only Platoon Guide of the unit - leading the formation in battle and being the platoons primary navigation expert in all matters.
    • Became the second Assistant Platoon Commander, and dutifully leading the platoon in combat and dealing with staff matters outside of it.
    • Reinvigorated the staff sections and overhauled S-4 Logistics, pouring hours of work into the website and teamspeak, making it the professional layout it is today.
    • Spent hours researching and providing data regarding the unit, its path and organization: greatly improving our steps on the path to achieving our goals.



    James Teeter - Rifleman, Assistant Squad Leader and Squad Leader

    James Teeter enlisted on September 6th 2020 - recruited by James Randazzo. James Teeter became a fervent supporter of building the unit to represent a more realistic tone - always advocating for a higher emphasis on organized tactics and planning. He became a leader quickly, and participated as one of the first Drill Instructors of the unit. He has since decided to serve his country as a United States Marine. Here are some of his achievements:

    • Led the way in expanding and developing S-3 Force Improvement Group - setting a higher standard for all trainees and instructors. He became the First Senior Drill Instructor.
    • Developed Second Squad as its Assistant Squad Leader and then became Squad Leader for the squad under the guidance of James Randazzo.
    • Instructed many of our current leadership and became a positive role model for leaders moving forward.



    Klindo Kimamwue - Rifleman and Squad Leader

    Klindo Kimamwue enlisted on September 4th 2020 - recruited by a video posted by James Randazzo. Klindo Kimamwue came from a different type of group, but was one of the most supportive when it came to being a realistic unit - and acting in a professional manner. When stuff came to a halt, he was the one to push forward and be a positive change where it was needed. He participated in nearly all of the units first campaigns and retired later on to serve in the United States Army. Here are some of his achievements:

    • Became the Squad Leader for First Squad within his first month of service - inspired others like Richard Rum and Thomas Huot to become leadership.
    • Brought many members and long standing friends to this unit that have improved it ever since.



    Richard Rum - Rifleman, Assistant Squad Leader & Squad Leader

    Richard Rum enlisted on September 6th 2020 - recruited by Klindo Kimamwue at his time of joining. Richard Rum became a positive and proactive community member quickly - always up to attend a training and help out, and always there to play other games and interact with other members. He brought many of his friends to this unit, and eventually at Kimamwues retiring - he stood up and took charge. Here are some of his achievements:

    • Became Assistant Squad Leader for First Squad under Klindo Kimamwue, and went on to become Squad Leader.
    • Improved leaderships understanding and interacting with all community members, acting as a bridge for all involved.
    • Bringing a positive tone to everything he took part in.



    Eugene Dusty - Platoon Commander and Intelligence Clerk

    Eugene Dusty enlisted with this unit as one of its founders - taking part in the creation of the unit since its very first steps. He has always been a positive light for the unit, spending many hours researching and developing the units organization, tactics and members. His achievements speak for him:

    • Created the unit with support from Charles Henderson.
    • Led the Platoon as its first Platoon Commander.
    • Developed the mission-making department and brought new ways of interacting with players.
    • Spent many hours researching and developing the units organization and development.



    Charles Henderson - Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant and Platoon Commander

    Charles Henderson enlisted with this unit as one of its founders - taking part in the creation of the unit since its very first steps. From the start, Henderson has always taken part in every aspect of the unit and its development. His main forte being the development of the units tactics, mission & structure, website and more. Henderson eventually took the role of Platoon Commander following Eugene Dusty's first retirement, assuming full command of the unit. His achievements speak for him:

    • Created the unit with support from Eugene Dusty.
    • Developed and organized the units recruitment and website.
    • Developed the first training documentation and overhauled the mission making process - creating a fast and reliable way to place and create missions.
    • Trained and recruited many of the leadership and staff shop leaders of the unit.


    As stated before - all of these individuals laid the foundation of the units culture, organization and development - spurring one of the most prolific and lasting World War II Airborne Units in ArmA III. Without their help, this community of fine Paratroopers would not exist. The First Wave was not the only one to inspire and lead the unit forward - following their retirement and furthering the unit, more would step forward to fill the jump boots of those prior.






    As with a lot of the core members - those that have came and developed the unit throughout its time in late 2020 and 2021 have impacted this unit in a prolific manner that has only since brought droves of new members dedicated to the original goal and craft of the few. These members not only have kept the unit going throughout its time in 2021, but have reinforced the foundational values this community laid out from its time of start.



    Jacob Briel - Machine Gunner, Assistant Squad Leader and Section Chief

    Jacob Briel enlisted on the 22nd of December, 2020 - recruited by Charles Henderson. Jacob Briel is a former Marine, and hails primarily from War of Rights units, partaking in civil war reenactments and others in real life as well. He is a solid man with a heavy emphasis on respect, attitude and comedy. He enjoys laughing and has always been a positive light for everyone in the unit - since his first month here he has donated continuously to the unit, helping us maintain operations and assist us in making operations. Here are a few of his achievements:

    • Became one of the best machine gunners to date, employing some of the best maintenance of fire and maneuver on the battlefield.
    • Taught many of our current rifleman and machine gunners in proper tactics and techniques, one of our most dedicated instructors to date.
    • Became the first Section Chief for our Glider Field Artillery Battalion.



    Jack Carnegie - Rifleman, Squad Leader & Platoon Sergeant

    Jack Carnegie enlisted on the 28th of December, 2020 - recruited by Charles Henderson. Jack Carnegie is serving in the US Army as an Artillery Officer - he currently commands Fox Battery of the Glider Field Artillery Battalion, and is the current Senior Drill Instructor and Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of S-3 Force Improvement. He has contributed greatly since his time here in the unit, and has always been a helping hand with a cool and level-headed process of thinking. Always willing to provide constructive criticism and thoughtful of others. Here are some of his acheivements

    • Earned the soldiers medal for his actions in staff shops and leading the Mortar Squad of First Platoon
    • For the first time in ArmA III World War II US Army Airborne unit history, leads the Glider Field Artillery Battalion of the unit.
    • Runs and maintains the S-3 Force Improvement Group as the NCOIC and Senior Drill Instructor
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