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  • We're celebrating two years of service, thank you to all that contributed to this awesome unit!
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      The Secretary of the Army has reposed special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity, and professional excellence of the following Soldiers. In view of these qualities and their dedicated service to the 101st Airborne Division, they are, therefore, promoted to the rank shown. S-4 Logistics will update all required paperwork within 48 hours of the effective date of promotion. Soldiers must update their name on TeamSpeak 3, and Discord within one week of the effective date of promotion.

      These promotions are approved by command and authority for promotion may be found in Unit Regulations.


      This month does not mark any promotions due to a change in unit branding.:

      Promotions due to this change are a reflection of the U.S Army's adherence to strict regulation of Occupational Specialties. 


      The following soldiers were awarded:


      Purple Heart

      First Lieutenant Charles Henderson
      Chief Warrant Officer Three Alexander Crowley
      Specialist Four Hadrian Ramirez
      Sergeant First Class Jack Carnegie
      Sergeant James Patterson
      Private Second Class Matt Hardy
      Private First Class Joseph Hart
      Sergeant Beau Randy
      Private Second Class Samuel Hanharr
      Specialist Four Mack Johnston
      Private First Class William Bizare
      Private First Class Bo Williams
      Specialist Four Justin Smith
      Specialist Four Jack Cooper
      Specialist Six Thomas Huot
      Warrant Officer Candidate Brandon Morris



      Army Commendation Medal, Valorous

      Sergeant First Class Jack Carnegie
      Sergeant Beau Randy
      Private McKennon Lee



      Good Conduct Medal, Sixth Award

      Specialist Four Thomas Miller
      Specialist Four John Molohon



      Good Conduct Medal, Fifth Award

      Warrant Officer One Andrew Frost


      Good Conduct Medal, Fourth Award

      Specialist Four Jack Cooper
      Specialist Five Yang Styer
      Staff Sergeant Craig Mantle



      Good Conduct Medal, Second Award

      Specialist Four John Collins



      Good Conduct Medal

      Staff Sergeant Cole Anderson

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          Good day Paratroopers of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, I have some exciting news for you all today. The 101st Airborne Division has been a World War II unit for nearly two years now, dedicated entirely to the accurate representation of the unit we portray, and to act in homage to those that served. Our mission from the very start has been simple, and we firmly believe it has been upheld. Up until now, the community has been steaming forward without a sign of slowing. We have become the largest allied unit within a year of starting, and completely dominate the scene of airborne light infantry. We provided one of the most accurate simulations of light infantry in ArmA, and one of the best simulations of Field Artillery. 

          As of now, we are going to be partaking in our third iteration of Operation Overlord, and having gone through each historical and fictional airborne operation at least two times over. It has grown old for some of us, and we have decided change is necessary. There is a detour we will be taking. From the start, the plan of this unit was to evolve into something greater. To start off with something familiar, something we all love, and to eventually grow into truly something special. From the start, we had plans to establish this unit as the place to be for World War II Airborne, and eventually Cold War Air Assault. 

        Unanimously, unit leadership has decided it is best for the unit to make a soft rebrand and change to Cold War Air Assault. We will be concluding World War II with Operation Overlord. This means we will be switching our mods, switching our organization, and switching our training to reflect these changes. Eventually, when ArmA 4 nears release we will be concluding with a deployment to commemorate this period of the unit. Upon the release of ArmA 4, and the eventual conclusion of our final deployment, we will make a switch back to World War II for a while. As of now, these projections come to 2023 and potentially early 2024.

         For those of you that are upset, frustrated, angry, or feel betrayed: please let it be known that this is my passion project, and has been shared as a project where others have put their heart in by very few. To put it bluntly, we have no obligation to fulfill the needs of everyone in the community, only the obligation to complete the objectives we set out and to ensure the sum of our efforts is sufficient. Thousands of hours of work have gone into this, and I could not be more sure that this is the change the community needs to thrive. For the past two years my obsession has been with this community, and to provide a fun and historically authentic group for everyone. For those that have found what they love here, stick around. You will find it again, I promise you that. I hope you all can realize that, and trudge forward with me into greener pastures.

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