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  • Merry Christmas from the 101st Airborne!
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  • We're celebrating one year of service, thank you to all that contributed to this awesome unit!
  • For returning unit members, make sure to stay updated on current unit events

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      The Secretary of the Army has reposed special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity and professional excellence of the following Soldiers. In view of these qualities and their dedicated service to the 101st Airborne Division they are, therefore, promoted to the rank shown. S-4 Logistics will update all requisite paperwork within 48 hours of the effective date of promotion. Soldiers must update their name on TeamSpeak 3, and Discord within one week of the effective date of promotion.

      These promotions are approved by command and authority for promotion may be found in Unit Regulations.


      Notes for November & December:

      Corporal Hadrian Ramirez transfers to Aviation.
      Sergeant Jacob Briel transfers to Paratrooper Infantry, as Assistant Squad Leader of Second Squad.
      Staff Sergeant Jack Carnegie transfers to Paratrooper Infantry, as Squad Leader of Second Squad.
      Technical Sergeant James Randazzo retires from the Unit.


      The following soldiers were promoted to:



      Private Ian De Lang promoted to Private First Class
      Private Sean Nunez promoted to Private First Class
      Private Marek Mitchell promoted to Private First Class




      Private First Class Thomas Moriarty promoted to Technician Fifth Grade
      Private First Class Linus Baker promoted to Technician Fifth Grade
      Private First Class John Molohon promoted to Technician Fifth Grade
      Private First Class Jack  Cooper promoted to Technician Fifth Grade




      Technician Fifth Grade Nathan Watkins promoted to Technician Fourth Grade


      The following soldiers were awarded:


      Soldiers Medal

      Sergeant Jacob Briel



      Good Conduct Medal, Sixth Award

      First Lieutenant Charles Henderson
      Technician Fourth Grade Thomas Huot



      Good Conduct Medal, Fifth Award

      Sergeant Thomas Miller
      Technician Fourth Grade Justin Smith



      Good Conduct Medal, Fourth Award

      Technician Fourth Grade Nathan Watkins
      Staff Sergeant Jack Carnegie
      Sergeant Jacob Briel
      Flight Officer Hadrian Ramirez



      Good Conduct Medal, Second Award

      Technician Fifth Grade Jack Cooper
      Technician Fifth Grade Craig Mantle
      Technician Fifth Grade John Molohon


      Good Conduct Medal, First Award

      Technician Fifth Grade Linus Baker
      Private First Class Ian De Lang



      Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (x2)

      Staff Sergeant Jacob Briel

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      Quarter Four - December, 2021

      Sergeant Jacob Briel

      Sergeant Jacob Briel joined the 101st Airborne Division Realism Unit on December 20th, 2020 - where he was first assigned as a Machine Gunner in First Squad, First Platoon. Since then, Sergeant Briel has developed himself and others around him through his gregarious manner, positive attitude and leading from the front.

      From the beginning, Sergeant Jacob Briel has been impactful on our community. He showed leadership potential from the start, and has continously lived up and gone beyond the standard the 101st Airborne Division holds. His second assignment as Assistant Squad Leader - only a month after his initial enlistment, was a foreshadowing for his involvement to come. His willingness to help others, capability to show compassion and be critical is an important part of being a leader. His assistance in the Operations & Intelligence department has allowed for the growth of knowledge within our Operational staff, and combined with his willingness to learn mission-making, has led to some great operations. He stands above as one of the top contributors to this unit. Thank you for your dedication to our community Sergeant Briel, we are lucky to have you.

      Why did you join the 101st Airborne Division?

       joined the 101st because I’ve always enjoyed WW2 regardless of theater. It’s just great that we do more than airborne jumps and switch it up. Not many other units will do that.

      Any favorite/funny/memorable moment throughout our whole time in the unit?

      My favorite memories are when I joined a year ago, hearing Carnegies warm meal joke, watching B. Ryan get smacked by MG fire as he jumped, or point blank firing a Tiger with a Bazooka or trying to gain access to one while on top of it. Overall too many to say. 

      Any advice to give to your fellow Paratroopers?

      Advice is Just have fun and take it seriously. We’re not like most units since we blend fun and mil-sim. While not being too demanding on other requirements. When you take it seriously and get better, many roles open up to you.

      What motivates you? 

      What motivates me is just coming into the server whether we’re playing arma or any other game and just having fun and knowing when to be serious.

      What would you say about the progress of the unit, and how you've contributed to it?

      The progress of the unit, it’s come a long way from when I started. From barely a squad to sometimes over 30 players in a op. Having mortar section to glider artillery. It’s been a wild ride. I’ve helped by being a in S2 and S3 to giving historical evidence or specs for the things we use.

      Any valuable lessons you have learned while being in the unit?

      Honestly just patience and trying to have a relationship with everyone who shows up in TS.

    • 1671287948_2022BEYOND.thumb.jpg.796990fcb290b72ca73595b717aa6aff.jpg



              First and foremost Paratroopers, Merry Christmas. It is a blessing to have you all through the holidays, your spirit, your dedication, your unwavering loyalty, all of you. This community, as we always state - would not be here without you. As we step off from our first year as a unit and approach our second year steadily - there are lot of things that are to be addressed. This announcement serves as a recognition of the rocky climb 2021 has been, and the rocky climb it will always continue to be. There is only one way from here: upwards.

             First off - the community has dealt with its Holiday Period well, although we still reside in our December stand-down: spirits and attendance remain high. Thank you all for this, it's very much appreciated - we know this vigorous devotion will grow evermore. Moving forward, we want to address a recurring issue we've dealt with from the start. Private Trainees that have joined have had an extreme attrition rate. Although we expect this, it's much higher than anticipated - we understand your concerns clearly. However, we are doing a lot to rectify this problem. We're in the process of revamping our Recruitment & Retention sector of Staff. We're providing more incentives to see these individuals stay, and want to show them we care. But we can't do that alone - we need you to help too. Every Paratrooper can help in his own way:  showcasing the unit values and exhibiting the traits of a Paratrooper in all aspects. We all know how we can do better, lets help each other moving forward. 

              Beyond the rocky waters of retention, practice's and attitude comes to mind. Although as a unit we exuberate a high Espirit De Corps and professionalism, some of us still remain more negative or expose immaturity to others. As a community - it is important we recognize who we say we are, and who we practice in reality. Not only is it important for others to see the truth, but its important we move beyond our own veil of perception and become more open to what lies ahead. We must check ourselves, and each other: improving daily. As we continue to grow: certain attitudes, certain sayings, ideas and practices will only bring about a downfall of our strengths and pride - the community itself. As we move forward, spend time rehearsing your personality and treatment of others, recognize the rules and regulations we have as a community - and above all apply the traits of a Paratrooper in all aspects of our community.

             An exciting time to be in this unit, following our first year of operations. We've developed quite a fluid and professional S-2 Intelligence team, improving our missions and learning new things along the way. We have a lot of operations moving forward - a lot of which you can see on our Calendar currently. This year, we will be taking it upon ourselves to utilize the website more often. Announcements for missions, trainings, meetings, important information and other discussions will be on here. Make sure to check back frequently... and get excited for what lies ahead!

              Finally, you may be questioning the title of this post - Route to Destiny. An astute name, a play on the motto of the 101st Airborne Division. As ascertained prior, there is only one way from here: upwards. We have experimented with multiple detachments in our third and fourth quarter of 2021, and decided what we want to do moving forward. We've opened up new efforts to develop our own addons for our community. We've seen what is coming for the World War II community in ArmA III. The future is bright, and it only grows brighter. From the start, its been our objective to maintain an authentic and realistic atmosphere for a World War II Airborne community - remaining professional to one another, respectful to those that have come before: and upholding the values of our community. Lets keep doing that, moving forward.



      First Lieutenant Charles Henderson

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