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Jack Carnegie

Active Duty
  • Enlistment Date

  • Induction Date

  • Promotion Date

  • 1st Lt. Jack Carnegie

    First Lieutenant

  • Weapon

    • Weapon
      US Carbine, .30, M1
  • Timezone

    • Timezone
  • Activity

    • Reported In
  • Length Of Service

    • Time In Service
      2 years and 11 months
    • Time In Grade
      6 months and 3 days
Date Combat Unit Position Attachments
Fox Battery, F/1/321 Platoon Commander
335th FSQN, First Flight, 1/335/4 Flight Lead
335th Fighter Squadron Headquarters, 335/4 Squadron Commander
How Company, H/2/502 General Aidman
H. Co, First Platoon, 1/H/2/502 Platoon Sergeant
, Platoon Commander
H. Co, First Platoon, Second Squad, 2/1/H Squad Leader
, Platoon Commander
, Platoon Sergeant
H. Co, First Platoon, Third Squad, 3/1/H Squad Leader
H. Co, First Platoon, 1/H/2/502 Radio Operator
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