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  1. August 24th To all whom are interested, Recently there has been several openings created within the unit Staff Shops. Being in an s-shop role grants a faster track to promotion, leadership and tertiary roles. Taking the initiative and helping the community is something everyone can appreciate, the workload is vast for all of us but with a few more helping hands we can get it sorted. Here's what's open: S-2 - Operations & Intelligence • 1x Electronic Maintenance Chief (Gamemaster/Mission Maker) Charged with developing missions, utilizing unit templates and scripts to proliferate missions that have depth, role-play elements and provide an excellent World War II combat experience, or something of the mission makers choice. This job involves a lot of teamwork, problem solving and learning the backends of ArmA. S-3 - Force Improvement Group • 1x Junior Drill Instructor The Drill Instructor is one of the most vital roles in the community, playing a part in tailoring new members of the community to the standards necessary to fulfill the statement of "historical-realism" and fast track them with the skills they need to operate appropriately. This job involves a lot more interactive work with trainees in the community and requires attention to detail, the ability to recall information quickly and be creative with teaching. S-4 - Logistics, Multimedia, Corps of Engineers • 3x PERSCOM Maintenance Specialist PERSCOM Maintenance Specialists take care of the back end paperwork and management of the unit. You received an award, combat record or service who did it? These guys are the ones doing it. They make the most promotion points out of all s-shops here consistently for their dutiful dedication to organization, record keeping and management. • 1x Multimedia Specialist The multimedia specialist is responsible for the development of imagery for the unit, whether they be for mission aerial photography, operation instruction maps, in-game photos/videos... that's up to the specialist! This job is the most creative and least demanding of them all. Requires photoshop or the will to acquire it. • 1x Uniform Production Specialist The uniform production specialist takes care of tailoring all of the lovely uniforms and shiny awards the adorn them on PERSCOM. After each promotion ceremony, the assigned teams are sorted and go to work sewing on new chevrons, pinning new medals and adorning awards as necessary. This is similar to Multimedia specialist but has more structure. To sign up for any of these Staff Shops Click Here. T/Sgt. James Randazzo Platoon Sergeant, 1/H/3/502ndPIR
  2. August 10th To All, Effective, as of this writing; we have begun the official opening and implementation of the 321st Glider Field Artillery Battalion. Staff Sergeant James Carnegie has been selected as the acting platoon sergeant A single section will be opened for the time being. The attached section will be organized as such: Platoon Headquarters - Platoon Sergeant, (844 Gun Crewman, Light Artillery) - Radio Telephone Operator,(707 - Radio Telephone Operator) 1st Section - M2A1, 105 HOWITZER - Section Chief, (844 Gun Crewman, Light Artillery) - Gunner, (844 Gun Crewman, Light Artillery) - #1 Cannoneer, (844 Gun Crewman, Light Artillery) - #2 Cannoneer, (844 Gun Crewman, Light Artillery) 2nd Section - M2A1, 105 HOWITZER - Section Chief, (844 Gun Crewman, Light Artillery) - Gunner, (844 Gun Crewman, Light Artillery) - #1 Cannoneer, (844 Gun Crewman, Light Artillery) - #2 Cannoneer, (844 Gun Crewman, Light Artillery) T/Sgt. James Randazzo Platoon Sergeant, 1/H/3/502ndPIR
  3. Service Name: James Randazzo Rank: Technical Sergeant Platform: Website Describe your issue: When you click on someone's application on the website, you cannot see their status on the application. Other information: (Photos/Videos)
  4. Course Information Basic Leadership School is primarily for those interested in a infantry leadership position, or are already in a position of leadership and have not completed it. It is important to mention, this course does not guarantee you will be put in a leadership position. The course will be a combination of classroom instruction and field training. In order to obtain the qualification, you will be required to sit through the entirety of the class. The class will be held on August 20th, 2021 at 1900 EST. Course Pre-requisites -Obtain recommendation from their Squad Leader -Be at least the rank of Private First Class, or Grade 6 -Completion of ITPT In order to be proficient in this course, it is recommended that student read and memorize the Infantry Manual. Several topics will be covered from within the manual. If you have any questions contact lead instructor Technical Sergeant James Randazzo.
  5. This is tremendous. Just on the amount of assets that are added would help S-2 staff monumentally for future operations.
  6. Thu Mar 4th, 2021 ⋅ 5pm - 7pm EST
  7. Service Name: James Randazzo Rank: Technical Sergeant Platform: Unit Website Describe your issue: I, as well as others within the unit, even if it has been 14 days, have the inability to report in under PERSCOM. Other information:
  8. until
    The Soviets Have pushed us too far back. They are starting to bomb our camps, towns and supply lines with a light Pe-2 Bombers at the airfield across the river. One problem, The Soviets Just pushed across the bridge 2 days ago and are trying to settle in a town just North of the Bridge. We must sweep through the town and cross the bridge; push that airfield and destroy the bombers. Make sure to make it back across and not to get cut off.
  9. until
    Christmas just passed, it is the 27th of December: forces of the 101st Airborne and its adjacent units are continuously fighting in combat with a vigor not found upon most units. While securing the rear flank of forces of 2/506, forces of the 502nd Prcht. Infantry Regiment have obtained vital information on the location of a Regimental Headquarters and Anti-Air battery. As the weather starts to clear up, forces of the 4th Air Group have tasked multiple Close Air Support missions in the sectors of the 502nd and 506th. The 502nd, 3rd Battalion, H.CO, is tasked with capturing the Regimental Headquarters and destroying the Anti-Air battery to support the air and ground forces adjacent to them. Supplies have finally been delivered again via airdrop and roadway after the 327th GIR made a breakout on the 24th of December, allowing a breakout attempt to occur in the North.
  10. Bastogne (Day 4)
  11. Bastogne (Day 3)
  12. until
    This training is only for members of 2nd squad.
  13. until
    This training is only for members of first squad.
  14. until
    Basic Leadership School is primarily for those interested in infantry leadership, or are already a part of it. This course will go over more advanced fire and maneuver techniques, leader instructional and tertiary information. Individuals seeking to complete this course are required to have a recommendation from their Squad Leader, and be at least the rank of Private First Class.
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