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  1. Service Name: Miller Rank: T/4 Type of Helmet(s): Medical Blank Helmet Requested Imagery #1: On the right side: (List) Overlord Market Garden Battle Of The Bulge In Blood Red Paint Requested Imagery #2: On the back above the NCO Line "Death Beyond This Point" (In White) (Bold Font) With Pic Below On Top of Death Beyond This Point Requested Imagery #3: On the Right: Nazis Will Be Shot On Sight Requested Imagery #4: N/A
  2. Service Name: Thomas Miller Suggestion or Curation: Suggestion Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1692124739 Description & Why: With the expansion on chemical weapons. Would be nice for the burns and wounds to be more realistic.
  3. https://ibb.co/WBhgmpz https://ibb.co/LZR9TZr https://ibb.co/rFmzBGG https://ibb.co/v3KdgJm https://ibb.co/Ws92h8b https://ibb.co/D4b1rJF https://ibb.co/6snbh7m https://ibb.co/4Pm0HsB https://ibb.co/G9RfqmT https://ibb.co/Vq9rjg4 https://ibb.co/PYKmJNg https://ibb.co/f2sB69g https://ibb.co/Bc1NTZN
  4. So like hear me out we have the Vietnam dlc and a basic invade and annex server. Also we do WW2 everyday and RDF is Cold War so let’s do modern day please
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