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  1. Can a 2nd platoon chat be made with all 7 guys.
  2. Application View Application Status yuge penis Submitted 03/13/2021 01:05 PM Name yuge penis Email yugetits@gmail.com Timezone UTC Country Brazil Additional Application Fields Steam64 ID its something mainly numbers Discord Name & Number master oogway nut Date of Birth As a A-10 pilot, Sniper/Spotter team and, as many different generic infantry roles such as a Mg, Corpsman, Rifleman, and grenadier. Do you have a legal copy of ArmA III? No Do you have a working microphone? No Preferred Military Occupational Specialty 607 Light Mortar Crewman How did you find the 101st Airborne Division? some dumbass named henderson. Do you understand this is a realism unit? Yes Are you able to attend the event times? probably Have you read the Unit Regulations? Yes
  3. I personally think we should limit lives as i feel no sense of stakes of winning or losing as we don't ever really lose we only keep respawning until we trample over the enemy i would also like the use of more recon.
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