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T/Sgt. J. Randazzo

Operations Not Fulfilling?

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Recently it has been brought to the attention of the mission making team that Operations have been lack luster of recently and sub-par. I myself, agree with these observations. Now this falls to you all in the unit. What do you want to see in the missions in the future?

How does the S-2 team give you what you want?

What do you guys want to see portrayed? If you could give mission ideas, story lines, or just different building types to create; it all helps the S-2 team. Anything helps. Please list any ideas that you have below and we will do our best to try to re-create them.


Possible Example

I.e. (This is a previous operation.) Maybe you have an alternate history. Where the 101st was apart of Operation Husky and helped with the allied invasion of Sicily.

- S-2 Intelligence Team

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Give names to key enemy assets such as generals and officers and place them in game with the ability to capture or kill. Make enemy have emotion if a officer is captured they will retaliate and we would have a defence op or something. Maybe even a operation that is meant to go south due to overwhelming numbers which requires us to flee with limited supplies and Medical and get to a rendezvous point with friendly forces. Also an operation which requires stealth and/or recon to gather intelligence. 

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I personally think we should limit lives as i feel no sense of stakes of winning or losing as we don't ever really lose we only keep respawning until we trample over the enemy i would also like the use of more recon.

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I agree with some of Millers points regarding a reactionary enemy. I also feel having a branching story line (our successes/fails determine how operations will go) will greatly enhance the mission feel. If we fail to protect a supply line, we have less respawns overall - if we succeed we receive a replenishment of respawns/supplies. Simple things to encourage more care from everyone participating in the operations. That also would get more people to show up too, as it would force more varied objectives to be made from the mission maker, which is what people are most interested in. Here's a few ideas i've come up with that fit within our playstyle/mission set.

Objectives & Consequences/Rewards

  • Secure Supply's (Airdrop, intercept enemy provisions, escort convoy...) [Maybe give special equipment for succeeding?]
    • If Fail - Less Respawns & no resupply
    • If Succeed - Replenish Respawns & resupply
  • Capture Intelligence (Disable Radio Tower, Intercept Messenger, Capture Officer)  [Add a story element through role-play or creating the intelligence outside of game too.]
    • If Fail - Enemy has a higher initiative and responds to movements quicker, more likely to attack areas we aren't focused on.
    • If Succeed - Knowledge of Enemy Movements & More time to Plan (Capture officer scenario, enemy might have more vigor)
  • Rescuing/Capturing Prisoners (Side objective based, maybe have it as a follow up to capturing an HQ or another important area) [Could be an asset too like a vehicle]
    • If Fail - Enemy has more men and we don't get extra equipment.
    • If Succeed - We have to move those prisoners back to base, but we earn extra equipment and the enemy is down on manpower.

These are just a few that I see we don't normally use, but there are plenty more we can do. There's also subsets of each, it doesn't have to be plain and simple. Also, having limited respawns and first person to increase that pressure would be nice.

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When I make a mission I usually go through a setup list.

1. I make a short outline of what the mission will be. Like a destroying an enemy radio tower or whatever.

2. I find a location on a map that can have varied terrains, vegetation, buildings and multiple different ways for us to infill the AO. 

3. I setup the the main obj first then I work on an X amount of smaller side obj's that can impact how the mission and how future missions will go in the storyline (basically what Henderson said). After that I will place down Hostile forces around the AO. 

4. I will make a mission brief with all necessary info for the mission. Weather, time, estimate of enemy numbers, enemy machinery, known HVT's, enemy weaponry, friendly support (aircraft, tanks, arty, ect), type of weaponry that will be needed, all phases, all major obj's, operation protocols any other details that are relevant to the mission. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/11wptRkuv5qPWCSQOJYiyapm6uapPeWX1r2iaIHf7Q_0/edit?usp=sharing That's a slide I can make in around 20-30 minutes. 

5. I will load the mission into a private server and playtest all the aspects of a mission. When I do this I try to find the best placement for hostiles and will move things that don't work very well. 

6. Fix any issues that I find.

Suggestions for future operations. One thing that can really elevate a mission in spectacle.

  1. Hollywood, Alternate History and Video game inspired missions 
  • The estate raid at the end of "The Dirty Dozen". We would be dropped in during the night before D-Day and would need to enter an estate and take out or capture multiple Nazi officers or just blow it up like in the movie. Then we would need to escape as the invasion of D-Day is starting. 
  • What if the 101st was involved in Operation Pegasus? Would be a great mission for well thought out movement and would make us be a little more methodical than usual. 
  • For video games literally just think of one of your favorite missions from a ww2 game. It doesn't even have to be a ww2 game. You can adapt missions from other games and put them in a ww2 setting.

What missions should try to avoid

  • A sense that the mission is going nowhere. Missions should always have a sense of progression, and that can be a new obj or we have to retreat and regather for a counter attack. The mission should be changing and not static. Try to avoid the take X location and defend against multiple waves of hostiles. 
  • Not having a pre made brief for all unit members to read before the op.
  • Not giving everyone a voice on the plan. Nobody knows best, hearing as many opinions as possible may improve mission flow. 
  • Endless respawns, give us a reason to survive and to preform medical on downed allies. 
  • Don't make the missions in a campaign feel the same. This was the case for Sicily in my opinion. Enter town, take trench, hold town and wait for reinforcement. 

What a mission should include or try to achieve 

  • Do the inverse of the first three points of the previous section. 
  • Give the player base a reason to be engrossed or interested in the mission that they're part of.
  • Create a sense of spectacle. An example of this would be a gun run from a friendly or hostile aircraft. During on of the first missions that I was in we had a dogfight going on above us after being dropped in. Stuff like this should be used few and far between so it doesn't become repetitive and bland. 
  • Make the players choices matter. Our actions should impact what happens around us for better or for worse. 
Edited by T/5. N. Rode

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