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11/19/2023 - FORAGER - D0, ORANGE BEACH

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General Information
Observer Name: Henderson
Element: 1st Platoon, H. Co., 502nd PIR
Priority Tasks: Destroy OPFOR Fortifications on Orange Beach, raid Obj Trumpet and hold out until reinforcements arrive.
Who Attends: 1st Platoon, H. Co., 502nd PIR; Fire Platoon, Fox Battery, 321st GFAB
When Held: 1400 EST


Areas of Improvement


- Aid & Litter must be practiced more frequently before and after objectives. Planning should include discussion of EPWs/A&L for every assault as possible. Briefing should stress dangers as best as possible. Sustain Training


- Maneuvers were good, but problems with higher communication led to disruption of the Squad Leaders observation and planning. Sustain Training

Fire Support:

- No comment. Sustain Training

Combat Service Support:

- No comment. Sustain Training

Command and Control

- The initial landing was too chaotic, Squad Leaders have extreme problems controlling their men but were able to push farther. Sustain Training

Key Events

- S/Sgt. Archer: Reduced to 50% casualties upon landing at the beach due to the tank being overextended.

Individual Remarks

- Cpl. Mast: Prepare for beach landings ahead of time with proper training and procedures in place. 
- S/Sgt. Kazansky: LVTs suck, test out vehicles before using them if possible.

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