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1st Lt. C. Henderson

Map Mitigation

Map Mitigation  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. Who should have maps?

    • Leadership Only (Squad Leaders, Asst. Squad Leaders, Plt. CO/XO/SGT/RATELO etc.)
    • Everyone Gets Maps

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Maps & Historical-Accuracy

After observing a few trainings, operations and exercises - I feel we can make the unit more realistic and immersive in a manner that follows a more historically-accurate path, and provides a challenging alternative to most milsim units. I'm talking about only leadership having maps, most units don't do this. There are quite a few mods out there that help get around the problem of having to "pass around" a map, and making it easier for everyone to utilize one/two maps per team. I know a lot of people aren't going to be keen on this, but hear me out.

With the same idea as reliance on third person, reliance on an overabundance of medical supplies, improper usage of different equipment, etc. There's a lot of ways we can improve gameplay and make operations more realistic. This is one of them, usually only the Platoon Leader would carry a map, but I feel it's necessary to have at least two maps per team, especially with how they operate. In turn, not having that ability to consistently use a map and play land navigation makes for an interesting experience:


  1. You'll have to create plans with a simplistic idea, broken down more in-depth signal plans, terrain feature identification and the squad actually moving together more often. Backup plans will be necessary, squad trainings will be more important, and confidence in your leadership will be paramount. Enlisted will be much move involved with the planning process,
  2. You will have to study the map before jumping in the drop-zone, maybe before an operation, maybe on the operation instruction, maybe off of your ASL before you drop. This will make the jumps more exciting and dangerous. You can get lost on the way, that makes terrain association and operational knowledge an imperative. That would also reflect into operational understanding and individual capability in performing the tasks and valuing what the unit is during for an objective/mission within a campaign. There's lots of ways you can extrapolate this point, but i'll leave it at that.
  3. Teamwork will be much more positively pronounced. You will have to rely on your buddies and your leadership equally in movement, and conduction of oneself in the field. Alertness would be higher, and at a sustained rate. I feel that would make movement feel more suspenseful and interesting in the longer run.
  4. Less fiddling, more attention to what's going on. Of course, we're in a game and I understand that people will get bored sitting around not being able to consistently check on the map and do other things rather than pull security. In these situations, utilizing scouts and mapping out the terrain with spatial awareness will be even more important. This gives people something to do and makes squads more fluid.
  5. Point man. Point man will be a thing, those that are good at navigation and can be trusted with a map will get one from the Squad Leader himself, this gives that extra rifleman that wants to prove his capability and be a leader an ability to lead a small scout team on the move or direct a formation for a Squad Leader while he observes.
  6. Accountability for sensitive equipment - friendlies and enemies. You find a map off an officer? Chances are it will have important stuff on it, as maps have individual customization with the approved mods. Zeus' can utilize this for intelligence and add more to the story when we capture and interrogate, or kill and pillage.

Now let me observe some negatives, i'll go with an obvious one and a few obscure ones.


  1. Operations will be harder, and you'll get lost if you don't pay attention. This can be turned into a positive in a way, if you don't pay attention you might get captured and there may be the capability to extract information out of you. What if we made a system for sensitive information with S-2 and Zeus? I think this would add a level of fun and a whole new meaning to "leave no trace". It would make pathfinders even more cool, as they could give the whole operation away and make it super intense on our drop zones.
  2. Extra work on the individuals part. You will have to memorize some landmarks and pay more attention to your surroundings and the operation instructions/how we operate. Now, it's not necessarily a bad thing but I feel some people would just not enjoy it as much and I understand that.
  3. Used to always having a map, why take it away? This is simple, and I can't argue with it. Having a map makes operations smoother for the individual, but I think that extra potential chaos will increase skill capability and growth for everyone.

How to accomplish this?

Map mods, map mods, map mods.

Look at the features and what it can bring to immersion. Sure there are a few bugs but in the way we intend to use them I feel it isn't a problem. During planning maps can be laid out and get around these issues.


Please read through it all if you've just skipped to the end, myself and a few others in leadership put a lot of thought into this and we really want to know what you think. Leave a comment once you vote explaining what you think.

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