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  • Merry Christmas from the 101st Airborne!
  • Are you looking to join the best in the army? Fill out an application and enlist with the airborne.
  • We're celebrating one year of service, thank you to all that contributed to this awesome unit!
  • For returning unit members, make sure to stay updated on current unit events
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1st Lt. C. Henderson

Enlistee Information & FAQ

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Applicant Requirements

Applicants seeking to join the 101st Airborne Division are required to go through a process of induction before being fully committed into the unit. Each application is required to;

  • Be at least the age of 17
  • Possess a legal copy of ArmA III.
  • Possess a working microphone.
  • Ability to attend main events at a 50% attendance rate.
  • Possess mature and respectful attitude.

Application Walkthrough

If your confused on how to get to our application, first please make sure you are registered and logged in to our website. Then follow the guide below. 

  1. Click on the "Enlistment Center" button at the top right, within the Navigation Bar.
  2. Once you are there, make sure to read the terms & conditions before moving through the application.
  3. Be sure to look over the question and  its description before answering, some require you to grab external information.
  4. Once your application is completed, please wait at least 42 hours for a recruiter to contact you. Make sure to join our discord, you can join that through here

If you have any other questions, please contact a recruiter through our discord or teamspeak. Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there an interview?
    Yes, we require every applicant to go through a 10-15 minute interview to ensure that they're eligible for the unit. Here we go over the policies, SOPs, your personal character and experience, etc.
  • How do I contact a recruiter?
    You can contact a recruiter by joining our discord here and messaging any unit personnel within the entry-station channel. Unit personnel will have the 101st Airborne Division. The teamspeak is also a viable option, you can go on there and wait in the "requesting recruiter" channel. Be aware, we aren't able to be there throughout the day constantly, so please be patient. 
  • Why do you use an application/interview/etc?
    We have a specific infrastructure that matches the level of seriousness that we portray in-game. We want to provide a professional and realistic environment, part of that is establishing infrastructure that can withstand that. With that infrastructure we need a base level of requirements and expectations. If you prefer a more casual mindset, please feel free to join another unit. It's a game, and this is how we choose to play!
  • Am I allowed to multi-clan?
    (In our Standard Operating Procedures we outline a few other expectations and standards that are similar to this question.) Yes, you are allowed to multi-clan with other units. However, if they are similar to ours (WWII American unit) OR if they conflict with our times, you will have to pick.
  • How do I install the modpack?
    Installing the modpack is very easy. Once you are in the discord, which you can join here, navigate to the information channel. From there you'll see the most updated Unit HTML. Download the HTML, bring up the folder it's in and launch your ArmA 3 Launcher. You have three options. You can drag and drop it into the mod section of your launcher, import it through the preset functions on the top right, or import through the "More" option tab in the mod menu.
  • When are your event times?
    Our events take place in EST (GMT-5) and we try to cater towards American and later European players. Primary events (operations, deployments) take place at 2:00 PM EST on Sundays, while Secondary events (squad drills, individual operations) take place on individual dates and times. Please keep yourself informed by using the calendar!
  • I'm an experienced ArmA player, i'm looking to skip Basic Combat Training, etc etc.
    We do not provide alternative approaches for trainings.
  • Is the role I choose guaranteed? 
    No, your role is not guaranteed. The unit operates with merit first in mind, those that show what they know are who earn their positions.


Unfortunately, those are the only questions for now. I will keep this updated as needed!

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