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1st Lt. C. Henderson

Combat Position Openings

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Combat Position Openings


This is an up-to-date roster description of roles that need to be filled within the unit, as of 10/25/2021.


The 101st Airborne Division emulates a Infantry Paratrooper Rifle Company, Glider Field Artillery Battery and Single Engine Fighter/Twin Engine Cargo Utility Squadron. As of now we have multiple combat openings that need to be fulfilled to properly facilitate the needs of the unit. We have the following roles open right now:

Paratrooper Infantry Company

The Paratrooper Infantry Platoon is the spearhead of all front-line operations and is capable of heavy firepower, but as is the nature of light infantry it is designed for maneuver and strategic strike missions to disorient enemies, seize assets or destroy critical targets. Paratrooper Infantry is incapable of sustaining a firefight for long, but due to the high firepower and mobility of the Paratrooper Rifle Squad, it is capable of withdrawing out of some precarious situations

1510 - Para Infantry Officer

0x Company Commander
0x Executive Officer
0x Platoon Commander

585 - First Sergeant

0x First Sergeant

542 - Communications Sergeant

0x Communications Sergeant

814 - Operations Non-Commissioned Officer

0x Operations Sergeant

673 - Medical Non-Commissioned Officer

0x Medical Sergeant

651 - Platoon Sergeant

0x Platoon Sergeant

636 - Intelligence Clerk

1x Intelligence Clerk

745 - Rifleman 

2x Rifleman
0x Grenadier
1x Assistant Squad Leader

746 - Automatic Rifleman

0x Automatic Rifleman

604 - Light Machine Gunner

2x Machine Gunner
1x Assistant Machine Gunner
2x Ammo Bearer

707 - Radio Telephone Operator

1x Platoon Radio Telephone Operator
0x Company Radio Telephone Operator

657 - Medical Aidman

1x General Aidman
0x Surgeon Aidman

Glider Artillery Platoon

The Glider Artillery Platoon is responsible for manning a light howitzer, M2A1 105mm. Providing indirect fire support against enemy targets, they closely work with the Paratrooper Rifle Company to assist in combat and training exercises. Their main goal is to destroy key positions and negate enemy advances.


844 - Crewman, Light Artillery

0x Platoon Sergeant
0x Section Chief
0x Gunner
0x Cannoneer

707 - Radio Telephone Operator

0x Platoon Radio Telephone Operator

Fighter & Cargo Utility Squadron

The Fighter & Cargo Utility Squadron acts as a combat support and logistical squadron: tasked with supporting the Paratrooper Rifle Company, Glider Artillery Platoon and completing their own strategic objectives during operations, there is a lot to do as an aviator. Conducting combat air patrol missions, close air support strike missions or raids against enemy targets, there is a lot of combat involved. There is also a lot of logistical needs the unit needs fulfilled, coming in with aerial resupply, reinserting troops and deploying them from the C-47 type cargo plane.


1337 - Aviation Officer

0x Squadron Commander
0x Flight Leader

770 - Aviator

0x Air Operations Warrant Officer
1x Senior Pilot
1x Pilot

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