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T/Sgt. J. Randazzo

Update 0.0.9

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Liberation Pre-Update "Adding Five" 0.0.9

- 82mm Mortars for Indirect Fires
- 82mm HE x48 for Indirect Fires
- 82mm Smoke x48 for Indirect Fires - 82mm ILL x48 for Indirect Fires
- Signs for dumb people to read and understand some important info or something idk - 2x M21 to Platoon Weapons

- Arsenal Update, all leadership recieves 152 or 117F depending on role and capability.
- Spawn & Enemy Cap, hopefully stops them from attacking while we're offline having lives.
- Spawn music is now epic and 80s
- Logistics can now spawn in mortars and their rounds.

In Progress
- Deployable Mobile Repair Service (Logistics)

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