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1st Lt. C. Henderson

Prime Paratrooper Contest

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YEAR OF 2021



    Good day Paratroopers of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, the month of December is calling! For those that have spent the past year gathering knowledge and bettering themselves in the pursuit of becoming the best Paratrooper out there: let us introduce you to the Prime Paratrooper Contest!

    The Prime Paratrooper Contest is an inspired mix of the expert-infantryman's badge course and the Best Ranger Competition - a mix of the skill, expertise and knowledge set required of a Paratrooper. The purpose of this contest is to build Esprit De Corps and increase the knowledge level of all Paratroopers involved. Everyone is welcome to participate - but there is only one that will come out on top.



    The Prime Paratrooper must exceed in his skill, expertise and knowledge set that is necessary to airborne and infantry operations. In this manner, we understand its a lot of effort and time put in - and we want to recognize that! For those that participate in this contest, here is what you have to earn:

  • Participants will receive promotion points for being in the contest, specifically two per event. There will be three events.
  • The second place winner of the event will receive ten promotion points.
  • The first place winner of the event will receive a $20.00 Steam Gift Card, Twenty Promotion Points, and a special Award for their uniform.
  • This being the first paratrooper contest - you get a stake in helping us design the award if you participate!



    As stated before, you will be required to fulfill three things: exceed in skill requirements, showcase your expertise in all weapon systems and tools utilized by paratrooper infantry, and knowledge of airborne operations. This means you will need to spend a lot of time exercising - honing your infantry skills in-game and research the tactics, techniques and procedures of the unit - and apply them fully. The rubric will be explained after the events. The events will occur in three stages:

I.  Infantry Skills - Expert use of Weapon Systems, Tools & Equipment - DECEMBER 4TH @7:00PM EST

   This event includes many infantry skills that can be easily honed with practice - attend those squad trainings and speak with your squad leader about practicing these skills. Attending Basic Combat Training as an Assistant Instructor will also help you hone these skills - speak with T/Sgt. J. Carnegie for more information about participating in these trainings. 

  1. Expert Rifle Qualification - U.S Rifle, Cal. 30 M1 
    1. The Prime Paratrooper contest will start off with a rifle qualification amongst all participants - forty rounds in four stages from the M1 Garand, those that do not meet the "Expert Rifle Badge" qualification requirements (36 - 40 hits) will be disqualified from the competition. This part of the competition, you will also be tested on the types of fire employed by a rifle platoon and their purposes. This includes area fire, point fire, suppressive fire, direct fire and indirect fire.
      1. This part of the competition is about honing the skills required to operate the M1 Rifle, if you can hit a target - you can hit a Kraut.  No points received for passing.
  2. Grenade Qualification - Mark II Fragmentation Grenade
    1. Following the Rifle Qualification, all Paratroopers must complete the grenade qualification competition to move forward. To pass, each paratrooper must score 6 or more hits to continue. If you fail, you will be disqualified. This part of the competition is about honing the explosive use of grenades and intuitively understanding the environment and how your grenades work with it. Expect to work with perceiving distance, depth and your grenades explosive force. Those that do not pass will be disqualified.
      1. The individual with the highest score and or determined to be the expert operator will receive two points.
  3. Anti-Tank Qualification - 2.6" Anti-Tank, M1 Bazooka
    1. All Paratroopers must complete the anti-tank qualification to move forward. To pass, each paratrooper must score five or more hits to continue. If you fail, you will be disqualified. The anti-tank capabilities of the bazooka is notorious for being hard to handle, and requiring an eye for the rockets trajectory and capabilities. As an infantryman - it is imperative you can utilize this weapon as an expert.  Those that do not pass will be disqualified.
      1. The individual with the highest score and determined to be the expert operator will receive five points
  4. Grenadier Qualification - 4/5" Fragmentation, Mark II Rifle Grenade
    1. All Paratroopers must employ the M7 Grenade Launcher on the U.S Rifle, Cal. 30 M1 appropriately. This is a weapon capable of clearing dead spaces, and deadly when put into full efficiency. To pass, all individuals must score 6 or more points (out of 10). If you fail, you will be disqualified. The anti-tank capabilities of the bazooka is notorious for being hard to handle, and requiring an eye for the rockets trajectory and capabilities. As an infantryman - it is imperative you can utilize this weapon as an expert.  Those that do not pass will be disqualified.
      1. The individual with the highest score and determined to be the expert operator will receive five points.
  5. Machine Gunnery Qualification - U.S Gun, Cal. 30 M1919
    1. The final qualification of the first event - all paratroopers will operate as teams of two or three in a machine gun position. This portion will include proper terminology and employment of machine guns. The machine gun teams will be timed and critiqued on their assembly of the guns, orientation and understanding of employment. Terminology such as shifting fire, lifting fire, traversing/searching fire, the rates of fire and types of fire will be a point of critique as well.
      1. The team with the fastest assembly and most efficient employment of their machine gun - whilst utilizing all terms in the most appropriate manner will earn five points each.

Following the completion of the event, those that are disqualified will be congratulated for their time spent here and expected to show up for further events to participate either as spectators. The remaining participants will be provided with documentation to study for the next event.



II.  Paratrooper Skills - Land Navigation, Infantry Operations, Airborne Operations - DECEMBER 11TH @7:00PM EST

   This event includes advanced infantry skills that require research, practice and perfection in order to pass. This event will be very hard for most paratroopers - including skills that require further training or research outside of Initial Training Courses.

  1. Land Navigation - Parachute Hunt
    1. The second event will start off with a land navigation contest. Each participant will be given a point to navigate to and dropped in random locations (measuring the same distance) from their point. Utilizing basic land navigation skills and identifying terrain features will be your primary way to victory. There will be a thirty minute time limit. If you fail, you will be disqualified.
      1. The individual that makes it to their point first will be given five points.
      2. The individual that makes it to their point second will be given three points.
      3. HOTSHOT- Any individual that wishes to earn extra points may participate without a map or compass - if they reach their point within the time limit: they will automatically receive five points, if they reach their point first they will receive TEN POINTS!
  2. Map Interpretation (Infantry Operations)- Terrain Features, Military Markers & Their Purpose
    1. Map Interpretation is important, it is the defining factor on whether or not you know where to go and what to do before and after you get there. Bar the usual tactics and procedures - understanding what they look like on a map is important for Infantry Operations. You will be expected to understand and identify terrain features, identify military map graphics (control measures AND tactical map graphics [they're in the infantry manual!]) and identify their purposes. For each terrain feature and map graphics you identify, you will recieve a point. You must reach 8 of 15 points to qualify.
      1. The individual with the highest score and or determined to be the expert will receive five points.
      2. The individual with the second highest score will receive three points.
  3. Airborne Operations
    1. In order to be a true paratrooper - you must understand what the purpose of airborne operations are, and how to conduct them. This portion will include background knowledge of airborne operations - such as the purpose of vertical envelopment. You will also conduct an airdrop with an assigned number - with the objective of completing a jump in a timely manner with no mishaps. A paradrop should be fast, professional and deadly. If any participating fails to drop appropriately, they will be disqualified. Any individual that fails to identify proper jump procedures will be disqualified.
      1. The individual determined to be the expert in airborne operations will receive five points.


III.  Parachute Rifle Platoon Tactics - Battle Drills, TTPs & Final - DECEMBER 18TH @7:00PM EST

   This event includes infantry tactics practiced on a regular basis - including basic and advanced battle drills, the tactics and techniques of the paratrooper rifle platoon, and a small final to determine the PRIME PARATROOPER!!!

  1. Battle Drills
    1. The third event will start off with battle drills. Each participant must recite the procedure and purpose of battle drills they will be partaking in (React to Direct Fire, React to Indirect Fire, Squad Attack, Knock Out a Bunker, Conduct an Ambush) - then they will be scored based off of their performance in these drills.
      1. The individual that receives the most points for their recement of procedure and purpose of battle drills will receive five points - that knowledge is important!
      2. The team that conducts the battle drills in the most effective manner will receive five points each.
  2. Tactics, Techniques & Procedures
    1. Understanding what to do when and where is important for a Parachute Rifle Platoon - the infantry manual is the prime resource for this portion of the event. Each paratrooper must explain the purpose of these tactics, how they are to be conducted appropriately - and battle plan ONE of the five scenarios. Topics will include - 
      1. Clearing Buildings Procedures - Platoon
      2. Clearing Trenches Procedures - Platoon
      3. Formations & Purposes - Squad & Platoon
      4. Fire & Maneuver - Squad & Platoon
      5. Defensive Positions - Squad & Platoon
        1. The individual determined to be the expert in these topics will receive five points
        2. The individual who writes out the best battleplan and understands each topic will receive five points. (Does not stack with first)
        3. HOTSHOT - An individual may choose to battleplan TWO scenarios, but will be disqualified if they fail any one of them. If they are determined to be good battleplans, they will receive ten points.
    2. A good battleplan is characterized by utilizing all advantages at hand, denying the enemy his advantages, and accomplishing the Commanders Intent. You will be provided with a scenario and an enemy composition, and the composition of your Platoon - you will be expected to write up how you will complete the objective and draw on the map with control measures and appropriate graphics. 
  3. Final - Leading a Team
    1. A paratrooper understands the purpose of the term LGOP (Little Groups of Paratroopers), but can he employ it? Each participant will be provided with a team of two individuals, and allowed to select any infantry rifle kit. They must drop and accomplish a small objective in the most efficient manner possible. Each team will be given an objective independent of each other, but will reside in the same AO. Remember - LGOPs, if you can't complete one objective... sometimes another can be. 
      1. The individual determined to be the best leader, and can employ his team to match the principle of LGOP most effectively - will receive twenty points.


Following the completion of this event, all points will be added up, the person with the most points will be deemed "Prime Paratrooper" and receive the awards that come with the title.



The rubric is very simple, it follows a rudimentary point system based on the capability and knowledge set of each paratrooper. But, it also follows the ideals and values of a paratrooper as well. Paratroopers that have a good attitude and showcase their capability, teamwork and expertise will excel the most. As stated above in each event - you will receive a certain amount of points based on your performance (if you are not disqualified). 



The rules of this event are simple - be honest, have integrity and bearing to match. Following that simple mantra will keep you afloat throughout the events, and avoid problems with adminsitration. Here is a list of all rules:

  • During event participation at individual events, any communication of manuals or information will result in disqualification (for the participant AND the one that sends them information.
  • Disrespecting other event participants or administration will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Each event will have a different sub-set of rules to provide a fair playing field for participants. Failure to abide will result in disqualification.
  • Disputing any results and/or decision of administration will result in immediate disqualification. (The rules and rubric will be made clear at each event, and each event WILL BE RECORDED.)
  • Refusal to participate or requesting a requalification will result in immediate disqualification. You have one chance. The only exception is game errors or internet problems.


And that's it. These rules will most likely be updated before the event to match the critique and concern that is appropriate for this event - please be aware and be up to date with these rules, will you be the best?




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