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1st Lt. C. Henderson

Soldier of the Quarter, Q12022

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Quarter One - March, 2022

Technician Fifth Grade James Patterson

Technician Fifth Grade James Patterson joined the 101st Airborne Division Realism Unit on March 5th, 2020 - where he was first assigned as a Rifleman in First Squad, First Platoon. Since then, Tech Corporal Patterson has developed himself and others around him through his dutiful regard for the unit, willingness to help others, and outgoing mindset.

From his time of enlistment, Patterson has been a positive impact on our community. Patterson after two weeks of enlistment was first assigned to Second Squad as a rifleman, where he outperformed most of his contemporaries in combat and had a thirst for knowledge. His devotion to the unit took him far for a long time as a rifleman, staying his course and helping out others a long the way. Patterson has been known for helping where he can, taking up staff shops as the unit needs them, and all the while aspiring to be an infantry leader. He is an exemplary Paratrooper and Command Staff is joyous to award him with this special award. 

Why did you join the 101st Airborne Division?

I joined the 101st because I was getting burnt out on modern Arma. I was in the War Is Hell discord when I saw a post for the 101st Airborne 502nd PIR I watched the promotional video and loved what I saw so I reached out and began my training to become a Paratrooper

Any favorite/funny/memorable moment throughout our whole time in the unit?

The most memorable moment I have is from my first operation. Operation Varsity in March of 2021 during the operation we assaulted trenches and crossed open fields as a platoon with enemy machine-gun fire under the cover of smoke. It was a blast and just a small taste of what was to come.

What value is most important to you? 

Integrity, being honest, and having strong morals is something that is held in high regard for me. 

Any advice to give to your fellow Paratroopers?

Listen to those who have been in the team for a while , and don't be afraid to ask questions, learn and absorb every piece of knowledge you can. It will help you in your journey with the Unit.

What motivates you? 

I would have to say the prosperity of the Unit. I want to see it grow and do well and if I can help in any way I’m happy to do it.

What would you say about the progress of the unit, and how you've contributed to it?

We have grown since I joined not just in numbers but as a team as a whole. I’ve seen people mature and move into a lot of the roles they now hold. Honestly, I’ve just tried to help out when help is needed and do what I can to help it grow and prosper whether that be small things like S-4 work helping out new guys in and out of the game.

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